Chapter 2: Disaster of a Hobby

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2. Disaster of a Hobby

Why has it happen.

Kagami was used his brain to the maximum in an attempt to remember everything before he had fallen asleep. Meanwhile, the Captain was troubled by the girls appearance, decided to gather his troops around to ensure that the girl didn’t have to look at the terrible site and to split into units to search for an acquaintance of the girl.

The figure that Kagami saw was the ideal image of a woman he had imagined at the time.

What did this mean exactly? Thinking back through his memory, he was sure that he hadn’t saved after he created her.
He had cancelled it, and then logged out……
He couldn’t recall any more than that. Maybe a little before he logged out. He had a feeling that he cancelled before even that.

Everything after being called to breakfast seemed to be hazy.

Kagami operated the bracelet-shaped terminal and opened up the status screen from the menu.

At the bottom of the screen lied the various information about the avatar.
Name: Danbulf Gandadore

Class: Summoning Expert / Senjutsu Master (TL: sounds better than other options)

Affiliation: Arkite Kingdom

Base: Silver Linked Towers | (Summoner)

HP: 1210 / 1210

MP: 4390 / 4390

Strength: 5 + 20
Stamina: 6 + 15
Mana: 51 + 10
Dexterity: 7 + 15
Agility: 6 + 37

There didn’t seem to be a particular problem. As far as Kagami could tell, he hadn’t even logged in as a different avatar. It was the exact status that Dunbalf has had for 4 years.

Numerical value may have seemed low when compared with other games but the difference between 1 point was, in fact, very large.
The general strength of an adult male is 4. In other words when strength becomes 8, you are twice as powerful as a normal adult male.

A person that has a strength of 10 can be said to be an expert soldier of considerable skill.

Kagami’s shoulders dropped and his hope was crushed after looking at the next page of the status screen.

Head: Moonlight Stone Circlet
Neck: Marurun Super Z Necklace (TN: Most likely a reference to something, possibly Waka Waka 7)
Torso: Philosopher’s Robe (Summoner)
Arms: All-purpose gloves
Legs: Philosopher’s Robe (Summoner)
Feet: Pegasus Boots
Finger: Mars Ring
There wasn’t any problems with the equipment. They were given to him by the Arkite Kingdom when he became an Elder of the Silver Linked Tower. They were custom-made by leading players in the craft for only Dunbalf to have.

The problem was the appearance of the one wearing the equipment. The figure of the ideal girl that Kagami had created was wearing them in the status screen. Until then, Dunbalf’s dignified appearance was the only one in the status screen.

Kagami began taking off his robe, and watched as the status field that contained Torso and Feet changed to “empty”.
While ascertaining the body that was revealed, he noticed supple silver hair dancing around him. There was enough breast to spill out from a small hand, Sheer white skin, Two modestly plump legs that stretch out from a humble butt. It was a manifestation of ideals made possible by the <Vanity Case>, there was nothing wrong.
Everything showed off Kagami’s preferences.


The captain panicked and wrapped his read cloak around the defenceless limbs of the young girl.The surrounding knights only stared for a moment before they steeled themselves and looked away.

[Although it isn’t a problem since my knights are all sincere and honest people, it won’t do for a young lady such as yourself to be so careless.]

Whether they were players or not, Kagami was impressed with the reactions of the knights.

If a player is well known enough than it is possible to work with a group of NPCs but Kagami determined the captain to seemingly be different as NPCs don’t normally show such reactions.

He didn’t want to believe it but Kagami decided to not regret the situation whether he had accidentally completed the creation or not.

He concludes it must have been affected by the version update. He decides not to buy another <Vanity Case> so he doesn’t have to charge another $8s just to buy a $4 dollar item. Dirty adults.

After putting his robe back on, the status screen once again showed that the torso and legs had the <Philosopher’s Robe>. The naked avatar on the screen reflected that.

[Is that an Operator’s Bracelet? So you were an adventurer.]

Whilst putting back on the returned mantle, the commander muttered this as he looked at the girl’s arm.
The Operator’s Bracelet. It was an unfamiliar term to her. Following the commander’s gaze, there was no mistake that he was refering to the terminal. However, there was no need for him to ask about it. As long as you were a player, you would have one, so conjecting that you were an adventurer from this was just strange, thought the girl. To begin with, ‘adventurers’ referred to players anyway.

If it is the elite magic knights, there is no way they could be amateur players. Even if there was only a few curious player that join the small Arkite Kingdom, Kagami doubted that they had never seen one.

[If asked whether or not I am an adventurer, I suppose I am.]

Kagami’s own voice cause him discomfort. It had too cute of a tone.

The tone of Danbulf he had been using since the official start 4 years ago.

When he had assumed the appropriate tone when he looked dignified and started to RP. Now after 4 years, a different tone was forcefully made and he even had to be a girl. Kagami decided it would be too much trouble to change tones so suddenly and abandoned the idea to do so early.

[You were an adventurer huh? Coming here with your companions to hunt, and then meeting the hobgoblin herd huh. What a disaster.]


His neck felt stiff and his hair felt heavy.

<Hobgoblins> are a subspecies of goblins that normally inhabit places such as mines. They are much stronger than normal goblins because of metal weapons they use and their skin is blue and green. Kagami nodded his head after he remembered this but with Dunbalf, the difference was negligible.

[It is all right, We will surely find your friends soon.]

Although it is rare for a player to go so far when role-playing, there wasn’t much reason to discourage it.

[You won’t be able to find them. I am alone.]

[Alone, young miss, huh? Did you happen to see the adventurers that defeated the hobgoblins? WE would like to give thanks to the brave ones that did it.]

Kagami thought it might be time to show off Dark Knight.

[The one who did it was this person.]

After once again activating <Summoning: Dark Knight>, the black knight appeared.

[This…This is!?

[What is this damn thing!?]

The cautious knights whipped out their swords and took distance.

[Is this by chance…… Summoning magic?]

[That is correct.]

When the captain heard the girls words, he ordered the knights to put down their sword. THe knights looked at the black knight with a look of admiration.

[Such a rare summon…is the young lady perchance a summoning expert? It seems to be a very strong swordsman.]

[Hmm, It happens to be a favorite of mine. Might I ask why there are magic knights in such a place?]

It seemed strange to Kagami for the captain to consider it a rare thing when it is one of the most rudimentary armoured spirits but a summoning expert using such a low-class summon is indeed rare, so it can be said to be a bit unusual.

Getting close the the border with a such elite knights may cause some misunderstandings with the neighboring countries. The Arkite kingdom doesn’t like aggressive wars and normally only uses the Magic Knights for national defence. Kagami couldn’t guess why such valuable knights were dispatched to this area.

In the first place as an Elder of the Silver Linked Towers, Kagami should have heard about the large movements of troops.

[Oh, There was information that demons had gathered near the border so I was dispatched for subjugation.]

The subjugation of the demons was the task that Kagami finished not long ago. If they are citizens of ArKite Kingdom, then they should know about the turn based system, yet why would a high ranking officer of the country not know about it? Doubt began to form in the mind of Kagami.

[Hasn’t the young lady heard? A fierce battle with demons that came flying from the sky happened 10 years ago. Since then the number of occurrences of demons have nearly doubled. It seemed to be related to that time.]

[Ten years ago……What?]

[You don’t know, huh? Well that’s understandable considering that young lady would be about 2 or 3 years old.]
In the first place, even the closed Beta hadn’t started 10 years ago.
The time in [Arc Earth Online] was the exact same as real time. Kagami hasn’t heard of any story of a fierce battle with demons as a setting.

At the start of official release was September 1, 2112. Both Earth and AEO had the same dates. it should be September 14, 2116, it would be impossible for anything to have happened 10 years ago.


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  1. I tried to translate the prologue of this novel by machine translating, and after getting through it, I felt as if I can understand one drop of the suffering translators have to go through in order to make a chapter nice and presentable. When I looked at the prologue onii-chan did, i felt that I missed some information, although it wasn’t too bad and you could get the basic gist of the story.


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