Chapter 1 Basic Summoning

Anything that I have No idea about, will be put in {}.
The differences between WN and LN is starting to show. Thankfully many of the harder explanations are still within the chapters that The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit, Estelion Sharlulu Asheel Vinchance Celenalia di ef Falufiluu’Luufilaafee (The 35th) did so some confusion was cleared.

Thank you to The Esteemed 5th Holy Sheeprabbit for the translations of some of the more confusing portions.

I will be trying to actually learn a bit of Japanese to make this process go faster but no promises. I am lazy and I give up easily without support.

1. Basic Summoning

Oh that’s right, He fell asleep before logging out.

Kagami had to organize his thoughts before he remembered that he fell asleep after being called to breakfast. He looked up at the sky and put his hands to his head.

He didn’t know how long he had slept but judging by how his sister hadn’t beaten him, it couldn’t have been long.

After he had closed his eyes and wiped them to get rid of the sleepiness, he noticed the he was in a meadow surrounded by forest. Dotted by flowers that were unknown to him with a magnificent mountain range in the distance. Dull silver towers could be seen sparkling in the valley.

Looking at the familiar scene he put his hand to his chin to organize his thoughts, not noticing his discomfort.

This is a famous phrase in net gaming: “sleep fall”. It means that the player fell asleep and the avatar shows no reaction.
In the present conditions, there seems to be no problem caused by sleep fall since he was awake now. VR, after falling asleep will automatically shut down and turn off.

But all the reflection from the mountain tower in the mesh showed it was a [Silver Tower]. There is no way to be mistake for it because Kagami uses one of the nine towers as a base.

It could be a bug but he wasn’t shut down after falling asleep but there was something weird that seemed rather serious.

It was a smell. Every time the wind blows, an uncomfortable smell of grass crossed his nose.

Although VR technology has progressed with the sense of tough, taste and smell don’t even reach practical levels. Yet clearly the smell is being interpreted through the nose properly.

Kagami picked some grass for a small trial and nibbled on it. After spitting it out and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, his face distorted from the bitter taste that spread through his mouth.

The taste stimulates the tongue and are carefully reproduced along with saliva. After grazing he noticed there were creatures at a distance around him that were holding a dull knife in one hand. They were as tall as children and completely blue with pointed ears, not pale faced but actually blue.

Oh, so it’s that.

He remembered that he had come to accomplish the subjugation of a crowd of demons that appeared in the vicinity of the border. It is good to finally clean them up. The figure of the creature was one Kagami had seen ever since his beginner days, a basic [Goblin]. Looking at them now, they weren’t even a challenging opponent but it was his turn on duty so he readied himself.

[Summon: Dark Knight] (TN: Batman?)

Of all the Summoner skills that he had learned, the armoured spirit summons was a favorite.

The spirits that Summoning Experts used were artificial spirits that lived in man-made creations or primordial spirits that were found naturally in the world.

Primordial spirits were the stronger of the two, but because man-made spirits lived in created objects, they were easier to use and easier to get close to.
Spirits that lived in the armour used by those that battled for themselves were called 『Dark Knights』 while those that lived in the armour used by those who fought to protect others were called 『Holy Knights』
(TN: the 2 paragraphs above are from Holy Sheeprabbit’s translation of the LN. Also it’s from chapter 2, so you can start to see differences between translations now.)

Armoured spirits like the Dark Knight belong to lower class spirits, but continuous use of it because of convenience transformed it to be almost as strong as a higher class spirit.

When a glowing hole opened up in the grass, a large knight starts to rise from it. The jet-black armour can give chills to those who look at it. It had no face, only two floating red eyes. It was intimidating enough to make any man scream at night.

The goblins start to stomp there feet and raise their voice to intimidate the Knight. Once again, Kagami feels a sense of discomfort.
Goblins normally don’t display such behaviour.
If spoken straight-forwardly, the goblins didn’t know their place and would always fight boldly, yet the goblins in from of him seem to be feeling fear.

However, now was not the time to think of such matters so he gave the Dark Knight the order to mop-up. Instantly, the surrounding turned into a slaughter-fest.

Whenever the large black sword was swung, 5 to 6 goblins cried death throes as they were turned into lumps of flesh. The sword created a storm rather than the sound of wind cutting.

The goblins yell of intimidation gradually turned into screams of despair. They tried to run away but the Dark Knight showed no mercy and made sure to kill every last one.

It was only 2 or 3 minutes. The gentle prairie wind was dyed with the blood of the demons, the entire scene was a vision of a fierce slaughter.

The bodies of the dead goblins numbered as much as 100 before Kagami had a chance to calmly think about the matter at hand.

The actions of the goblins, the taste, the smell. This is . . .

There is only one answer that came to mind.

It finally came …

The third update!

To reproduce the senses were still in the world-wide research phase was unbelievable and to even use it for a game before anything else was a huge jump but there didn’t seem to be any other conclusion.

Indeed, AEO always gave more than the imagination. He was sure that the reason he wasn’t logged out after falling asleep was because of the new update.

After convincing himself, he noticed signs through his second job skill [Biological Sensing] that a number of things were approaching from the depths of the forest. Whether they were ally or enemy couldn’t be determined.

About 50 of them were approaching. Kagami expected them to be reinforcements for the goblins.

The Dark Knight stood silently next to Kagami, surrounded by the 100 dead bodies. Even 50 goblin elite troops from the famous [Gnome Lance Corps] stood no chance against him.

The sound of the foot steps were firm and gradually increasing unlike a goblins. Goblins don’t make such marching sounds and would never be as collective.

In that case, his job of subjugating the monsters at the national borders was complete, so thinking of returning, he sent back his dark knight, when the vanguard appeared from inside the forest.

They were Knights. Engraved on their shield was a coat of arms of a great tree and the moon, showing they belonged to the [Arkite Kingdom].

Characterized by their armour and shield, they were the [Arkite Magic Knights]

The armour the reflects light like a mirror and assimilated with the views of the surrounding, the shield the boasts high defence against projectiles of demons. It’s troops were the elite among the knights that belong to the Arkite kingdom. Kagami was suspicious as to why they were near the border.

While contemplating, the Knight Captain stepped forward from the middle of the group. His hair was trimmed with a mix of black and beautiful gray hair, his face carried a scare as testament to the fact of his many battles, and his red cloak showed he was captain. He wasn’t as good looking as Dunbalf but he was handsome.

[This was…a fierce battle. Is that what happened, or did you not see anything, young lady?]



The words the captain spoke confused him. By looking around, it is clear that they were directed at him and not the spirit.

The problem was that Dunbalf couldn’t see the spirit. the magician classes could see spirits, while the warrior classes could see fighting spirit; that’s how the game was.
even if they were magic knights, a knight was a knight; they belonged to the warrior class.
Dunbalf was an elder of the silver linked towers, and a summon master; there should not have existed a spirit visible to a warrior class that was invisible to him.

[It must have been scary for a young lady to be in such a place, but it is all right now.]

The captain approached Kagami and puts a hand on his head while saying so.

[Be at peace because we will keep you safe]


(…..’s what …?)

Kagami was astonished. Dunbalf was created as a solemn man of 190cm (6’2″) tall. To comfort him as you would a small child was an outrageous idea.

More than that, what surprised him the most was that he had to look up at the captain. Subtracting the height of Dunbalf, there was enough height on the knight for him to be considered a giant.
To call Dunbalf a young lady.
With a figure full of dignity, he shook off the hand that had been placed on his head and glared at the knight.

[What ‘young lady’ are you talking about! I……I….]

He looked around for who made the voice that sounded like a bell. As well as the captain who was in the front, there wasn’t anyone that would have sounded like such a……girl.

[You seem to be upset, young lady. Here, drink some water.]

Once again saying ‘young lady’, the captain held out a leather pouch that contained water. His face showed the concern he felt.

Against all odds, he kept saying young lady when looking at Kagami and it doesn’t seem to be a joke made by the captain. He lowers his eyes in thought when his eyes become glued to the armour of the captain.

[This is…!]

Again, a pretty voice reached his ears.

It must have been a joke.

It was the Arkite Magic Knight Order’s official equipment, the Clear Mirror Armour. The surface of the armour that reflected light was already basically a mirror.
He watched as he moved his right hand then his left hand and the girl in the mirror mimicked him. It wasn’t imitation, it was harmonious.

That girl was familiar.

Silver hair down to her waist, strong blue eyes, a thin and even face with a small nose and cheeks that shone bright red with innocence. The equipment that Dunbalf wore was still intact, clearly only the size changed.

It was the ideal woman that Kagami made using the [Vanity Case].


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