0 Prologue

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0 Prologue

VR (Virtual Reality) was made about a half century ago and has managed to become an indispensable technology in today’s economy.

School is taught from home through a terminal at home. This meant a school could be made without cost of maintenance and without dangers of to and from commutes.

Businesses could greet clients through VR and all documents were digitized, making it overwhelmingly cheaper to rent and maintain a private server than buying and maintaining a building.

Because all things outside of physical needs could be satisfied with virtual reality, the VR technology continued developing rapidly.

Of course the game industry couldn’t help but join in. The resulting equipment was still quite expensive but it wasn’t rare for parents to give them as gifts to celebrate coming of age.

A number of VR only games ended up being developed.

Sakimori Kagami was also a normal youth who received a VR machine for his coming of age.

He went to a normal high school, graduated from a normal university, and entered a normal company.

He worked from home through the VR machine and was able to eat his mothers cooking for lunch during break and then went back to work.

There was no commute nor overtime work so he had no complaints about how he spent his days.

A game called [Arc Earth Online] was a VR game that had a closed beta that began and ended very quietly.

The reason that Sakimori Kagami knew about this minor game was because of a commercial that had aired late at night

The commercial went without sound or movement. It only displayed an VR access code for 15 seconds.

After starting the game out of curiosity, a title read [Arc Earth Online] appeared in a white room. The only other thing were two lines:
Begin Open β


He didn’t hate the fact that they didn’t try to butter him up. Thinking this, he tried downloading it. And after choosing “yes”, he installed it.

Without background textures or style fonts, he had no idea what kind of graphics or world this game would be.

As though attracted by something impossible to explain, he moved his right hand to begin.

The installation finished in about 15 minutes. When started, the home screen appears to the backdrop of the real world as if it was CG.

[Note: because it was CG. Also, just take a moment to realize that an entire virtual world was downloaded in a matter of 15 minutes. Think about how awesome that internet speed is compared to yours.]

With excitement, Kagami started making his own avatar.
Thus began Sakimori’s adventure in [Arc Earth Online].

[Arc Earth Online] officially started 4 years ago. It had no advertising for it, it only spread by word of mouth, despite that it managed to become one of the largest online games. Despite the number of players though, there was little information on the internet.

Kagami began from the open Beta and is now renown as a veteran player.

The setting of the game was classic fantasy with an overwhelming degree of freedom.
There was only one weird thing about the game.

The administration.

The version only updated twice within 4 years. No one knows the developer nor is there an official website.

But it gave a certain charm to the game and many players liked the unrestricted attitude it gave to the game.

Though it seemed optimistic to think so, the game was nearly complete upon release with hardly any bugs.

Today, Kagami was in charge of getting rid of a herd of monsters near the border of the country. Such subjugation missions were on a turn based system between players of the country.

And today was Kagami’s turn.

On the way out of the tower being used as a base, The high-pitched voice of his sister rings out telling him it’s time for dinner

After consuming dinner, he once again dived back into virtual reality.
Just before logging in, he noticed he received an email.

The contents of the email was about the money he had spent on [Arc Earth Online] was about to expire.
He had bought $8 when the game first started, and then $16 more a month later. (TLN: fuck yen, I’m going to have to tell you the conversion rate anyway, I may was well just put it in dollars.)
[Arc Earth Online] has a item shop that was similar to other net games. Even though you couldn’t buy armour and weapons, you could get cosmetic equipment.

A [Vanity Case] is one of them and with it the avatar could be changed and modelled to ideal. Of course, Kagami purchased one.

The [Vanity Case] could reset the appearance of the avatar for $4 and had an abundance of choices.

Even at the start of the official service there were in the thousands appearance options but with the [Vanity Case] it is possible to choose from tens of thousands. It was common sense for players to reset there character and remake them using the [Vanity Case].

The character Kagami created was full of majesty. The figure was full of the dignity of a wizard like gray hair and a long beard. Kagami spent a full day making it.

The name of the avatar came from the principle of the worldwide hit movie about an adventure with a ring.

The name is Danbalf.

His class was Summoning Expert.

He chose a mage ate the beginning of open beta but didn’t understand the method to learn magic at all. Without being able to manage even the simplest magic, he resorted to just single-minded bashing with their cane.

Even if he leveled up, he didn’t learn magic and there was no manual or tutorial.

It was a ridiculous game and many chose to abandon the game but others found fun in exploring it. However, learning magic proved impossible after looking.
So when the official game started, he changed magic class.

It is only possible to summon by clearing summoning art quests. The Summoner can then employ through contract any spirits defeated. The degree of difficulty of the acquisition is high but the method to learn how to summon only requires you to take up quests from the exclusive bulletin board.

Because it is a summoning mechanic.

The lack of explanation even after official service started made many groan with complaints. After running around with no clue an opportunity presented itself.

If sever conditions were met, than a player can found a country.

PLayers were excited by the fact that they could becoming king, preparing the military, developing a city. Invade other countries, defend by building a fort, and hire mercenaries. The power to create a story was in their hands.
In addition, major events due to their actions will be added to the history that can be browsed from the menu.

With this, players with burning ambition can join in the government service, Wanderlust people can become adventurers, found secret societies, become merchants, mercenaries, even assassins. The complaints died out with the wide range of play available.

The degree of freedom did not stop there. For example, there are many types of weapons, armour, medicine and depending on the player, entirely new legendary devices could be made.

If it can be done in reality, it can be done in game.

Some players found fun in being a blacksmith and if their name was famous enough, one sword could be sold for millions.

Skilled woodworkers could build castles and evolve building technology.

People who love to dig found hot springs and ended up managing huge spa towns.

A friend of Kagami became an intructor for a dojo is another example.

What kingd of things are possible and what kinds of skills are there? The players challenged a variety of thing and many were successful. THe systems limits was seemingly endless.

Someone invented new sports that used magic, another realized his dream of becoming a pirate, others became skilled at collecting information and became information brokers.

Meanwhile, there were people who made a list of the skills and divided them into every classification with statistics and summarized them into a book.
The book published became a best seller and made the author wealthy.

In fact, Dumbalf also developed special skills. One of them was made through trial and error in order to compensate for the disadvantage of being a mage.

The skill was a second class. Kagami’s main class is a Summoner and his second class was that of a close proximity fighter that uses Senjutsu. He learned this through various training.(TN: literally: Sage techniques)

Staying under a waterfall, withstand a day hanging upside down from a tree, walking against the wind, etc.

Incidentally, a month after the release the use of magic became little more clear. Magic diagrams drawn on paper along with a catalyst to use early magic [Magic: Flame] by burning them. But this required multiple catalyst and the paper itself was hardly circulating and any mistakes would just burn everything. It wasn’t easy to learn even if you remember everything.

In addition to the Vanity case, another item Kagami bought was a [Floating Continent]. The size was about a school yard with a track of about 100 meters. It can be used to build a house on or grow valuable plants. Since it can move in the sky, it can also be used as a vehicle. Kagami had been using the cheapest tree house model as a warehouse.

A [Floating Continent] is $16. Kagami could only put money in at $8 increments. After buying a [Vanity Case] and [Floating Continent] in the beginning, $4 remained.

As is expected, it was only $4 added four years ago, there wasn’t any great regrets, but still Kagami believed there was no need to waste it and opened up the billing item list.

A private room with an [Advanced Forge], [Advanced Alchemy], or [Advanced Sewing] cost $8.

A [Floating Continent] with the options [Golem Fort], [Swan Lake], [Brick House], [Butler Mansion], [Noble House A], [Noble House B], [Noble House C], [Noble House D], [Spiral Tower], [Rich Field], and such costs $16.

Including the [Vanity Case], that is the full line-up.

The only choice was the [Vanity Case]. You must put in $8 even if you only want to buy a [Vanity Case]. That is the way of the adult world. Dirty adults.

Kagami felt there was little point in not buying another [Vanity Case] and with it, his balance became 0.

In order to accomplish the subjugation duty, Kagami logged in. Using the bracelet terminal to open the Item field, there was the purchased [Vanity Case].

By the way, this bracelet-shaped terminal was on of the upgraded additions to the version update. At first it was a key floating in the air, or a gesture with the hands. This caused the scene of pointing out at nothing from others viewpoint. Because many of the users made a big deal out of it, the bracelet was implemented.

Four years ago was the last time Kagami had used a [Vanity Case]. It looked similar to Japanese lacquerware. Kagami stared at the small box in nostalgia for a while. There were far less choices during the open beta and Kagami wasn’t able to make his favorite avatar. Distant memories of a brown haired gentlemen with sunken features.

The Official start began and had an astonishing number of parts for when you created an avatar but Kagami rushed to by a vanity case once he knew that it added almost 10 times the amount of options.

Kagami felt that Dunbalf was the greatest.

At the time, not interested in other parts, Kagami doesn’t remember many of the options.
Out of curiosity, for what was the first time in four years, he opened the avatar creation screen.

Personality parts such as [Active], [Modest], [Aggressive], and [Weakness] along with some impression categories like [Mysterious], [Majestic], [Dismal], and [Cheerful] were all available. Listing them all one by one would take all day.

Looking at the list, Kagami felt that convinced that Dunbalf was the best.

An avatar that exceeded his own did not exist, he was created in the ideal male image. Staring at his accomplishment, Kagami was satisfied.


It was the letter showing the sex of the avatar.
A sudden thought formed in Kagami’s mind. It is the ideal manly image was reproduced perfectly.

Then what about the ideal image for woman?

After he changed the sex, Dunbalf changes to a girl.
Feeling a little bit ticklish, He felt a little shame from looking at the appearance of the girl.

Choosing the parts…was a little exciting. Kagami chose the [Aggressive] category and began examining the sorted parts.

How long had it been after starting to make the ideal female figure? His sisters voice called out to Kagami just as he was fully satisfied telling him breakfast was ready.

He looked at the bracelet terminal in a hurry and confirmed the time was 9:00 am. It was Sunday so there wasn’t a problem with him sleeping. Immediately after that though, Kagami was overcome by his need to sleep.

When he was about to log out, the world turned dark and he fell deep into sleep.


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